The journey of parenthood can be a transformative one, providing an opportunity for us to understand and heal our own wounded or undeveloped places, and to allow us to evolve as we nurture the next generation. At the same time, parenting can also be exhausting, confounding, frustrating, isolating, and worrisome.

I assist individuals and couples in developing effective parenting practices to ease their lives as parents, and to serve as healthy role models for their children – to create a home environment grounded in discipline, constructive communication, respect, and love. My work is designed to enable parents to develop and trust their intuition in the service of the lively and unique constellation of who they are as a family. When appropriate I work psychologically with parents around their family of origin issues in order to bring clarity, flexibility, and openness where before there was reactivity and rigidity.

I see parenting as an opportunity to bring and manifest our vision, creativity, playfulness, humor, and joy. I hold parenthood as a rite of passage and spiritual path. It is a vessel that matures and refines us.

As well as being a mother myself, I bring years of studying and practicing some of the most innovative child development philosophies of a number of visionary thinkers, including Rudolf Steiner, Kim John Payne, Daniel Siegel, Dr. William and Martha Sears, Magda Gerber, and Joseph Chilton Pearce. I have worked for many years with mothers and babies, couples and their children, and families. As a member of the social inclusion committee, I currently lead support groups for parents which address bullying and teasing and conflict-resolution at a Waldorf-based school community.