I offer 20 years of practice in Integral Counseling Psychology, and a lifetime of practice in the arts of intuitive listening, observation and insight – all in service of providing you a safe yet dynamic space to get to the heart of your imbalance, suffering or confusion.

I work holistically to help you access your inner resources of wisdom, courage, creativity and passion, and to support you in developing the inner strength, clarity and practical skills to live your life in a more fulfilling, more easeful manner.

I bring to my practice my own passion for psychological, relational and spiritual exploration. It is that passion, and my trust in the healing nature of the therapeutic relationship, that allows me to wisely and compassionately accompany you in your journey of exploration and healing.

Photograph: Morgan Caufield

Let it all happen to you: beauty and dread. Simply go — no feeling is too much —And only this way can we stay in touch. Near here is the land That they call Life. You'll know when you arrive By how real it is.Give me your hand. ~  Rainer Maria Rilke